Race to the Finish 2222

2222 Race Line Up!
Warp Lander
Warp Shuttle
Sub classes of Shuttle
Several Classes of Racing Pods
Several Shuttle Classes
Several Fighter Class
Final Day Line Up:
Harlens Sponsored Finale

As the shuttles lined up, the roar of engines filled the atmosphere. Vitan native David Aitken, led the pack from the fifth starting position and held through the first waves of orbits, when Johnny Wishart dominated the second half in his Kashani warp pod, “Doombrigade”.
To the surprise of everyone present, the upstart and relatively unknown, Agnes Tamm, in “Jumalik Ilu”, managed to overtake Wishart, in the new custom warp-pod, sponsored by the up and coming company Suurepärane. Quick a show they put on! We all eagerly await to see what the future holds for both Ms. Tamm and Suurepärane.
The celebrations were dampened somewhat by the inevitable, yearly mishaps. A mechanical issue lead to Jay Reiner becoming stranded mid route, requiring immediate rescue efforts. He was returned, safely, to Tanner. Sadly his pod was a complete loss. The final orbit witnessed tragedy with the first deaths of the racing season, as Lawrence-Fox racing institute veteran, Ray Dickson, collided into Arthur Brown’s pod. Both were killed upon impact. Investigation into the accident is ongoing.
Class I Pod Winner:
Agnes Tamm, “Jumalik Ilu”, Suurepärane XXII5

Honorable Mentions in Class I Pod racing
Johnny Wishart, “Doombrigade” Kashani Model #29
Benedict Vaher, “Samantha’s Purse” Kashani Model #27-4
Jakob Arnolt, “Anchor Alley” Hyundai Camelot E.9

Class II Pod Race
As 28 pods roared off the finish line, sparks were fired from the starting line. Herald Brooksbank, a first year entry, gunned too early, ramming his “Brackenbury” into the back of Rawson Midhurst’s, “Dove”, disabling both without injury to persons, but removing them from the race. A very put out Midhurst refused to comment for the article, but Brooksbank filled us in in an exclusive moment by moment breakdown of what transpired to be provided to our paying subscribers.
The race continued without incident for the remaining 26 contestants. Finally seeing Dunstan Rojack, in his custom built, “Seven Sisters”, win the race by a mere 1.3 seconds. Andrew Belgrave slid in right behind in his Vitan Pod, “Adoration”. Rojack announced his retirement following his collection of the winner’s purse and plans to use the winnings to return to Dry Creek and explore his passion for brewing beer infused with mustard seeds and oysters. We all wish Mr. Rojack luck in his ventures!
Second place finisher, Belgrave, contested the verdict, but Tanner Race Officials quickly put an end to that and verified the winning time at 1.3 seconds. The two pilots were later seen shaking hands as Belgrave offered congratulations to Rojack. All was well.
Class II Winner:
Dunstan Rojack, “Seven Sisters” Personal Modified, Kashani base model #8.7-2L

Honorable Mentions in Class II Pod racing:
Chelsea M. Newton, “Formula Super” Hyundai Ev94
Savannah Dewalt, “Fury” Vita Isabella Model #X52
Justin Elms, “Dustbird” Bongo MXL5