The Children Are Leaving the Nest

Several colonies declare independence from United Earth.

The interference and oppression bred from the suffocatingly possessive grasp of Earth as she reaches to the farthest corners of the universe, on vessels cast about like seeds bearing the United Earth sigil has long remained a source of resentment and debate among the citizens of Earth herself, as well as her many offspring, the colonies scattered among the stars.

The idea that children invariably outgrow the dominion of their parents is nothing new. For years several vague and overlooked colonies have declared independence from their sire. However, recently, larger and more formidable colonies have opportunistically seized upon the internal conflict that United Earth has undergone through the bloody and costly civil-war. While distracted and losing fleets under the thwarted military coup lead by Admiral Hall, established colonies have used this as the perfect moment to take the plunge and unfetter themselves.

Douya er, in the Tau Ceti system, blazed the path to independence, followed hastily by Dry Creek, the only active colony on Fortuna Copia. With all the blustering largely ignored by the beleaguered and battered United Earth fleet, Hell Hole, the palladium mining colony on the dwarf planet of Maisie, has declared their autonomy as well.

As it currently stands, all eyes are on Proserpina, and the large watery port of Vita Isabella, to see if the colony will bite the hand that feeds it, or remain a loyal pet, tethered to the leash of its master, United Earth.

So far United Earth has been silent in response, simply ignoring what it might view as a child’s temper tantrum. Some speculate Earth simply lacks the fleet necessary to harness its unruly children back into the fold. For now, we all hold our breath and wait.

Editorial written by Ella Marshall-Devon
May 13, 2221