Trans Sidera

What is role play?

The concept and hobby of role playing is both simple and complex, and extremely rewarding. Be warned, many who embark into the world of role playing claim that movies simply can no longer entertain them because the bar has just been moved so much higher. When done right, even reading books simply cannot compare to the total immersion that one can experience during role play.

Our approach to role play is different than nearly every other.  Trans Sidera is not designed to be a game, but rather a form of “collaborative literature.” Each player has control of a character within the story. Rather than being competitive, players work together to write a story about their characters in cooperation- even when those characters may be at odds. Admins control the world around the characters as well as other characters. It is the ultimate in interactive storytelling.

Once logged in, players will assume the role of their character, acting them out within the setting. Other characters encountered are also being acted out in real-time.

At the most basic level, role play is asking yourself “What would my character do or say?” and then acting that out. Leave yourself behind, and allow your character to come to life. If your character is surprising you, you’re doing it right.

In the end, it is the characters that have control of the story. What they do determines all outcomes- for good or for bad. Nothing is set in stone, and certain death lurks just beyond the nearest bulkhead.