Tanner 2222 Parade Floats

Tanner 2222 Parade Floats

Record of the local live commentary on this years parade:

This years Kraken Queen and King, as voted on by the Makinsons Primary and Secondary School, Junior Taiga Vong and Senior Jaxson Perera, led the float parade as thousands of people lined the watery piers to catch the gifts and race paraphernalia thrown from the parade floats as part of the traditional opening festivities. It’s always one of the highlights to the race season! Wouldn’t you say?

By order of appearance:

The large shuttle float featuring the Kraken Queen and King. Don’t they look splendid showing school pride in their Kraken crowns!

Starling Labs put out another crowd pleaser! A mini Starling ship model, made with the brand new experimental krak plastics materials! The crowds can always rely on Starling Labs handing out those top-notch candies!

The Beauty Salon, featuring mechanical moving scissors and a large neon sign, “Curl Up and Dye” operated by the owner, Judi.

Diablos, always a stunner with a large slice of pizza featuring giant versions of ALL the toppings. We all collectively sigh in relief that they decided NOT to throw pizza slices this year! Thank you, Diablos!

Tanner Law, featuring a couple officers tossing out sun and safety kits. Slogan: Be safe, don’t bake!

Ronaldos, a Kraken holding a giant taco and margarita. Catch a margarita pouch, they are sure to please!

Collaborative Softball Leagues, but if we’re honest we can tell it was made by the DOCK LEAGUE, a green platform and several team members tossing softballs made of foam and filled with goodies.

Fish Hatchery, if you’re one of the luckiest attendees you might be gifted with one of their flying fish tshirts.

The Djinn’s Den, going all out this year with a genie in a magic lamp!

The Laundry Mat, always a fan favorite as they toss clothing that has been abandoned throughout the year! What a good laugh, especially when they start flinging the underwear!

Tanner Medical Group, features a giant reminder to get your annual vaccinations. They sure know how to have fun and party! Don’t forget to pick up your free toothbrush at the end of the parade!

Last but not least, The Landing Strip! We all have come to love the raunchy display put on by several of the dancers as they wrap up the parade, and initiate the after party! Plus they always give out the best loot! Plastic shot glasses, g-strings and condoms, all blazing with the Landing Strip logo!

Don’t forget to stop by the merchant tents and night market for your Race bling!

Tanner 2222 Calendar

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  1. Agnes Tamm
  2. Travis Cunningham
  3. Savannah Dewalt
  4. Devon Larson
  5. Amina Dawoud
  6. Zuma Magdy
  7. Yan Chao
  8. Bethany Jamison
  9. Aldwyn Willow
  10. Rana Diaz
  11. Timothy Blackwell
  12. Laurel Garcia