A Firey Finish Line

Few have heard the name Patrick Larson

As of February 14th, 2222, few had heard the name Patrick Larson. Going forward, he will forever be entombed in the annals of Tanner’s Race lore, and not for good reason.

The finale of the racing season closing in, and the beat up shuttle rattled the windows and hearts of Tannerites as it hurtled towards an upper floor of Starling Labs. Impact was swift, and in the blink of an eye, the ship and upper floor office suite of Harcort Starling, went up in flames. We may never fully understand the events that lead up to the disaster.

Only one injury was reported at Starling Labs. Mr. Starling was not present in his office at the time of the wreck.

What do we know of Larson? A 24 year old, recently widowed, worker at Diablos. His wife, Dorothy, tragically, took her own life at some time, unknown to us, during 2221. Among those who knew him, the jury is out on if this was a tragic accident, or a vendetta.

Theories abound, overshadowing the races themselves. With the ongoing discontent against the U.E. and the backstreet murmurings of T.L.F., Tanner Liberation Front, some speculate Larson was a member eager to create change through this targeted act of violence. Others say this is what happens when A.I. are put in control of shuttles.

The investigation is ongoing.

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