Who Should Play

Role play is a unique hobby.  Those who like it almost can’t imagine existence without it, but it isn’t for everyone.  The type of environment at Trans Sidera is not what you will find in mainstream gaming environments, it is uniquely different- something you will never ever find in production games because such an environment is not financially sustainable for a gaming company.  For many who hate the toxic negativity found in most online gaming, this is exciting and welcomed news that there is now an alternative.  For others, you may find you are happier in a more mainstream environment.

Role play is cooperative between players.  Even when characters are at odds.
If you are the competitive type, Call of Duty is probably a better game for you.  We strive to make ourselves better role players, and help those around us.  The goal is not to be the best role player, but to be in the best group of role players in the world.  If you are looking to collaborate with others in a positive environment, role play may be for you.

Role play is not a game.
While we often refer to this as a “game,” that is technically a misnomer.  Characters in the story may have goals and things to achieve, but there are no objectives for the player to achieve, no achievement lists, no way to win.  This is about participating in writing a story.  This will be extremely exiting for some, and not so much for others who are more interested in game achievements.

Role play is not passive, but active.
If you are looking to be entertained passively, you will find yourself bored.  Role playing is an active hobby that requires attention and creativity.  You will find that you get as much out of role play as you put into it.  No more, and most importantly: no less.  This is good news for many of us, because not only do we get to be creative, but there is a great return of reward on our creativity.  How much you get out of role play is directly proportional to how much you put into your character.  Very welcomed news to many of us, but not for everyone.